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Sting Like A Bee, May 2, 2017
Girl Hat

Wonder Woman's legacy remains strong and grows even stronger, even after 75 years. For many people, the first time they discovered Wonder Woman was as a child. Some couldn't even remember a time when they're not aware of Wonder Woman.

For the creator of onFleek she grew up playing video games and choosing girl characters to fight against the boy characters were exciting. Sometimes, there wasn't enough girl characters to chose from but her top favourite was Wonder Woman.


Kaching kaching, April 23, 2016
Men in Hats

LADIES! Do not janji melayu. Well, some still do. Classmates for a significant amount of time. We've seen each other grow and like get struck by puberty. Thank god we're still friends despite the awkward time.

Despite the stress from school, we manage to laugh together. Turns out, no amount of terror or the distance from each other could stop the greater need to connect. Or rather, the stress is the heart of the need to connect with each other.


Bling Bling, April 7, 2016

Dont miss! Too great to be expressed in words. This is an exclusive collection straight from the hands of the onfleek made. These pieces are hand-made (with love). It is after all ineffable, being hard to express in words but we hope you find that you love this as much as we do.

Inspired from Turkish designs, the pieces are effortless style that layers charm-like designs like the turqoise jem bracelet with quirky iconic pieces like the evil eye charm and the rock ring. It's ineffable and it's an experience you must go through..


On Fleek

On Fleek is the state of completeness and flawlessness. It's also the mix of fly and sleek.


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